Jello Jello Cuticle Oil Pen Rose 3ml * 4ea


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Product Description

The oil in the pen is designed for intensive nutrition, hydration and cuticle regeneration. The vitamins that make up the product help strengthen and restore the nail plate, prevent its delamination and brittleness. The oil perfectly softens damaged and dry cuticles and also cares for nails and stimulates their growth.It has a pleasant and light aroma. With regular use of oil, the structure of the nail plate is restored, the formation of burrs is prevented, and unwanted growth of the cuticle is slowed down. The product is recommended for daily use.

How To Use

To apply oil on your nails, you need to twist the bottom of the pencil and apply a small drop that appears on your nails. Thus, the oil does not flow over the hands and does not stain the skin of the hands. Gently rub the applied oil until completely absorbed.

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